An Overview of the Position of Serbian Cyrillic Alphabet in Culture and Public Communication

The project that examines the position of the Serbian Cyrillic alphabet in culture and public communication started in 2013. First, statistics about the use of the Cyrillic and Latin alphabet in the press, periodicals, and monographs were collected from the catalog of the National Library of Serbia. An opinion poll was conducted (internet poll) about the public’s view on this issue. Then the study was prolonged to 2017.

During each phase of the project, original and edited materials were published on the website of the Center, so that the debate on this issue would be based on objective indicators and viewed as part of the analysis of the historic (legal and cultural-political) development—unique in Europe—of the process of introducing dual scripts in the culture of Serbia. Also, to comprehend—based on the entire course and nature of the problem—the initiative for preserving the Serbian Cyrillic alphabet in the Cultural Development Strategy of Serbia, and create a basis for further work on the creation and implementation of appropriate instruments of cultural policies, relying on existing and new objective indicators.


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