Contribution to Cultural Policy Measures

The Center’s representatives from the fields of heritage, artistic activities, multimedia, digital creation, as well as scientific and educational activities in culture, discussed the need to renew the practice of awarding a significant national accolade in culture while defining the appropriate conditions and criteria.

At the beginning of 2018, together with the Ministry of Culture and Information, the Center for Study in Cultural Development organized a series of round tables dedicated to the future of national accolades for contributions to culture, with participants from representative associations, notable artists, and culture experts.

The round table discussions dealt with the conditions and criteria for awarding national accolades in all fields. The result of this cooperation and activity was the new Regulation on the precise conditions and manner for awarding accolades for exceptional contribution to national culture or the culture of national minorities, in effect since February 2020, which was presented to all participants of the round tables during a series of presentations in October and November 2020, in the Center.


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