Cultural Participation of the Citizens of Serbia

The Center has been continually researching the cultural participation of the citizens of Serbia, their cultural interests, and habits. These studies, conducted periodically on representative samples, enabled us to grasp behavioral tendencies of the population in the cultural sphere, to direct cultural policy measures and cultural institution practices based on the research results, creating a base that enables the study of other phenomena and cultural tendencies.

The empirical research Cultural Participation of the Citizens of Serbia (Kulturna participacija građana Srbije) in 2019 was conducted on a national sample of 1521 interviewees, to gain insight into the cultural participation of the citizens of Serbia.

The publication The Cultural Participation of the Citizens of Serbia (Kulturna participacija građana Srbije), 2020

The research showed the following:

  • In terms of cultural habits, cultural consummation is primarily tied to private life, where cultural needs and interests are satisfied through the media, mostly by watching television programs and following internet contents.
  • As for favorite cultural activities, the dominant activities are going to the cinema and, more rarely, to the theater, as well as reading books and watching movies.
  • Generally speaking, in the last 15 years, the patterns of cultural participation in Serbia were quite consistent. The expected differences can be observed in the use of informational-communicational technologies to satisfy cultural needs, while as for cultural habits there are changes in terms of visiting cultural-historic monuments and cinemas. These results might be connected with measures that include the promotion of cultural heritage in a digital environment, as well as measures that encourage trips to tourist destinations, which usually include cultural and historic monuments and archeological sites.
  • For the first time in this line of research, we explored whether cultural participation was connected with personal well-being. The results show that besides the before-stated significance of good health, financial status, and education, what contributes to personal well-being are leisure time activities, which involve culture and art, interactions with members of the family, and outdoor activities.


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