Vuk Vukićević, PhD

Director of the Center for Study in Cultural Development, a National Cultural Institution

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Vuk Vukićević, PhD, Biography


2007 – 2013 PhD in Arts and Media Management

Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Department of Management, University of Arts in Belgrade

2000 – 2001 European Specialized Master in Management of Cultural Organizations

Burgundy School of Business, Dijon, France

Master’s thesis: Electronic Publishing, Today and Tomorrow

He attended the program in: Saline Royale, Dijon, Cluj, Amsterdam, Fribourg.

1999 – 2000 Diploma in Advanced French Language Studies: DALF, French International Centre for Educational Studies, Geneva.

1995 – 2000 BA in Dramaturgy, Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Department of Dramaturgy, University of Arts in Belgrade


Work Experience

From 2017 to the present – Director of the Center for Study in Cultural

Development, a National Cultural Institution, Belgrade

The director organizes and manages the Center’s activities; takes care of the legal aspects of the work; gives suggestions for the workplace policy, program, the institution’s developmental and financial plans; takes measures for implementing these documents and workplace policies; is responsible for implementing the institution’s working program; carries out a variety of other duties.

Besides the successful continuation of previous activities, in the period since his appointment as director, the following was achieved:

  • the renovation of the library and the revision of the library’s collection;
  • the preparation and launch of the website and mobile application for the scientific journal “Kultura”, which allows users to search for texts published in the magazine from its founding in 1968 to this day based on several categories;
  • in cooperation with the Institute of Theater, Film, Radio, and Television at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts (FDU), the successful implementation of the research project “Local Cultural Policy Models as the Basis for Increasing Cultural Participation” commissioned by the Ministry of Culture and Information, after the project was selected through a call launched by the Public Policy Secretariat as part of the PERFORM project of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, implemented by HELVETAS and the University of Freiburg;
  • in 2018, the Center became a member of the European network on cultural management and policy – ENCATC;
  • for the first time, the Center participated as a partner in the Erasmus Plus Program financed by the European Commission: “Discovering European Neighbors in the Third Age”, along with seven partner organizations from five European countries: Italy, France, Germany, Bulgaria, and Romania.

He received a Letter of Appreciation for his exceptional contribution to the Institute of Theater, Film, Radio, and Television of the FDU. The Ministry of Culture and Information awarded him the Kulturni Obrazac Award for his “devoted work that benefited Serbian culture” and the Povelja Filmskih Novosti Prize for long-lasting cooperation on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Filmske Novosti.

2016 – 2017 – Special Advisor to the Ministry of Culture and Information

– performing duties in the fields of scientific, developmental, and applied research in culture, as well as the field of digital research infrastructure;

2010 – 2016 – General Secretary, Association of Publishers and Booksellers of Serbia (UIKS), Belgrade

According to the Association’s statute, the general secretary is someone employed in the Association, in charge of managing expert, administrational, financial, and other services, ensuring they are performed in a timely and legal manner. During the mentioned period, the UIKS acquired the status of a representative cultural association by the Ministry of Culture, Information and Informational Society’s decision on October 20, 2011. Besides, during his appointment the Association:

  • gathered 120 members, among them the two most significant national publishing houses;
  • signed the Protocol of Cooperation with the National Library of Serbia;
  • had a representative in the Belgrade Book Fair Council;
  • became a member and representative of Serbian publishing in the Federation of European Publishers and the International Publishers Association:
  • gained several million dinars in financial support through calls for the projects “Enriching Book Collections of Libraries of Serbs in the Region and Outside Serbia” and “Celebrating the World Book and Copyright Day”, which lasted several years;
  • coordinated activities and participated in legislative procedures for adopting legal acts related to publishing activities (Law on Publishing, Law on the Obligatory Copy of Publications, Law on Textbooks, Strategy of Cultural Development…), prepared the collective presentation of Serbian publishers abroad, planned and organized panels, seminars, cultural events, international meetings, and many other activities;
  • the Faculty of Philology of the University of Belgrade awarded Vuk Vukićević the Povelja Zahvalnosti Prize in October 2015 for outstanding contribution to the Faculty of Philology’s reputation, the development of projects, and language, literature, and culture courses, as well as the preservation of Serbian cultural heritage.

2014 – 2016 – Director of the Organization for the Realization of Reproduction Rights (OORP), Belgrade

The OORP is the first and only organization for the collective realization of copy- and related rights in the field of printed editions. The director coordinated the establishment of the organization by five associations (of writers, translators, publishers), after which the organization gained a work permit from the Intellectual Property Office, meaning the exclusive right to realize the common rights of authors and publishers of printed works in the country. The OORP became a member of the International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations.

2013 – 2017 – Assistant Professor in Script and Video Production, Faculty of Computer Science, Belgrade

2005 – 2010 – Founder and Director, Najbolji Prijatelj d.o.o., Belgrade

A company that successfully worked in the fields of publishing, translation, and marketing.

2002 – 2005 – Editor, IKP Evro, Belgrade

During this period, he was in charge of the production of literary works, books for children and youth, essays, and other publications. He also monitored and organized editors of individual editions, translators, copy editors, proofreaders, designers, and others involved in preparing and publishing new books.

2001– Researcher, Euklid, the EU Cultural Point, Liverpool, the United Kingdom

During a four-month probation period organized as part of an MA program and an additional three-month engagement, he did research, prepared the magazine and seminar on financial programs related to culture, education, sports, and youth in Europe and the world, as well as maintained the website of Euklid and communicated with parties interested in gaining financial support from European Union programs.

January – June 1999 – Television Journalist, BK Television, Belgrade

He came up with ideas, wrote, filmed, and edited features for the morning show and informational programs.


Memberships in Councils and Working Groups:

From 2016 to the present – member of the group that monitors the implementation of the Government of the Republic of Serbia’s Action Plan

2016 – member of the Digitization Council formed by the Ministry of Culture and Information

2014-2016 – member of the Belgrade Book Fair Council

2014 – member of the working group formed by the Ministry of Culture and Information for monitoring and preparing the Republic of Serbia’s presentation at international book fairs


Serbian – native;

French – excellent knowledge (internationally acclaimed diploma in advanced French language studies “DALF”)

English – excellent knowledge (completed English language course during graduate studies and academic writing in English during doctoral studies)

Long-term application of knowledge of both foreign languages in academic and professional life.


Bibliography – scientific papers

Doctoral thesis: Садржаји нових медија и могућности њихове примене у остваривању циљева јавних радио-телевизијских сервиса [New Media Contents and the Possibilities of Employing them to Achieve the Goals of Public Broadcasting Services]Факултет драмских уметности, катедра за менаџмент, Београд, 2013.

Published scientific papers:

  1. Упоредна анализа међународног позоришног фестивала у Авињону и Битефа: за или против вишеструких циљева [A Comparative Analysis of the Avignon Theater Festival and BITEF: The Advantages and Disadvantages of Multiple Goals], Зборник радова Факултета драмских уметности број 15-16, Београд, 2010.
  2. Дигитализација културног наслеђа у функцији остваривања циљева културне политике [Digitization of Cultural Heritage for Achieving Cultural Policy Goals], Култура број 130, Београд, 2011.
  3. Стратегија развоја културе и културна демократија [Cultural Development Strategies and Cultural Democracy], Култура полиса 35, Београд 2018.
  4. Нови медији у мрежној комуникацији [New Media in Network Communication], Зборник радова Факултета драмских уметности 33, Београд, 2018.
  5. Владимир Коларић, Вук Вукићевић: Културна политика југословенског самоуправљања: идејно-вредносне основе и модалитети. Социолошки преглед, број 3/2018, издавач Социолошко друштво Србије.

The English translation of the paper was released in Germany: Vladimir Kolarić, Vuk Vukićević: Cultural Policy of Yugoslav Self-Management, Globe Edit, 2019, ISBN 978-613-9-41543-4,

Text: „Када ће Србија добити портал за културу“ [“When Will Serbia Launch a Website for Culture”], Политика, June 4, 2011, Култура уметност наука,

Editor or translator, more than a hundred different publications.

Vuk Vukićević is married and has three children. He was born on August 11,1977, in Nancy, France.

The appointment of a director is governed by Article 34 of the Law on Culture “Službeni Glasnik RS” n. 72/09; 13/16; 30/16 – revision.

The director’s duties are governed by Article 38 of the Law on Culture and Article 31 of the Center’s statute.


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+381 11 2637 565
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