Discovering European Neighbors in the Third Age—DENTA

The representatives of the Center, Vuk Vukićević, Bogdana Opačić, and Maša Vukanović, participated in the first working session of the international project Discover your Neighbors in the Third Age, which was financed as part of the program Erasmus Plus by the European Commission, in November 2019, Serbia

Discovering European Neighbors in the Third Age—DENTA is an international project supported as part of the European program Erasmus Plus. The project coordinator is the Institute for Open and Distance Education of Adults in Ulm (Germany), while the partners in the implementation process are institutions and organizations from Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, France, and Serbia—the Center for Study in Cultural Development.

The goal of the project is to bring together two groups—a younger group (people under 50 years old) and an older group (third age of life), to encourage a better intergenerational understanding and to show what the lives of the elderly were like in different historical periods.

The Center’s researchers formed a group of people interested in meeting their neighbors in the third age and trained them how to achieve this in line with the methodology of the project applied by partners from other countries.

The published interviews were transformed into materials with life stories of the elderly, but also the conclusions of the young interviewers about what can be learned from the elderly and how they can use this knowledge in their professional and private life. These materials will be available on the project’s website in the final phase of the project in 2021.


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