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Last night, in the Belgrade Youth Center, the 165th issue of the magazine for theory, sociology of culture, and cultural policies Kultura was presented. The theme of this issue is “Comics and Identity”, and it features texts by foreign and local scientists and experts from eight countries written in seven languages. The speakers at the...


The 167th issue of Kultura Magazine has been released and it focuses on two themes: “The Heritage House and Cultural Policy in Serbia” edited by Jadranka Božić, and “The Aesthetics of the Body in Christianity” edited by Vladimir Kolarić and Blagoje Pantelić. Besides the mentioned thematic sections, the 167th issue contained the regular features—Research, Retrospections,...


The new 166th issue of Kultura has come out, the themes are: “Reality Television Programs in Serbia” and “Contemporary Social Research Methodology” The new 166th issue of Kultura has been published and features two sections: “Reality Television Programs in Serbia” edited by Goran Gavrić, and “Contemporary Social Research Methodology” edited by Snežana Stojšin. Besides the...


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