Models of Local Cultural Policies as the Basis for Increasing Cultural Participation

The Center for Study in Cultural Developments conducted research in Belgrade 2018, together with the Institute for Theater, Film, Radio, and Television within the Faculty of Dramatic Arts of the University of Arts, on the models of local cultural policies in 15 Serbian cities, as well as the possibilities for their improvement.

The project was supported as part of the PERFORM project of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, conducted by Helvetas and the University in Freiburg, while the research was ordered by the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia.

The presentation of the results of the project The Models of Local Cultural Policies as the Basis for Increasing Cultural Participation in Kragujevac

The goal of the research was to obtain information relevant for improving local cultural policies, through the analysis of cultural systems at the local level—from models of identity policies, planning and conducting activities in culture, to cultural offers of Serbian cities. In this sense, the focus of the research was to gain an understanding of the participative and consultative processes during decision making, that is to what extent can citizens and different cultural actors influence the creation of policies and the framework for local cultural policies. With this in mind, we monitored the organization and functioning of local cultural departments, cultural institutes in terms of their participation and program presentation, as well as the participation of all interested individuals and actors in local cultural policy, gaining information about the dimension of participation and the democratization of culture at the local level. The empirical research encompassed 15 local self-governments with the largest number of inhabitants, that is with the most developed cultural infrastructure while respecting the regional representation of the cities in the sample.

The study contains an analysis of the cultural systems of 15 cities, their comparative analysis, a theoretical analysis of the models of local cultural policies and identities, as well as suggestions for the improvement of local cultural policies with instruments at the republican, regional and local level.

The applicableness and sustainability of the research are reflected in the possibility of using this analysis and results while defining local strategic cultural documents.


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