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10 DAYS FROM 10 TO 10

The project of monitoring the development of the event “Museums of Serbia for 10 days from 10 to 10” started in 2015 with a survey of the visitors. Being that this was the first time this event was organized, a pilot-research was conducted on an appropriate sample. All activities were planned and implemented in consultation with the event’s Council, which initiated the research project.

During the second event in 2016, the first research was implemented on a representative sample of a total of 2472 informants, at 47 museum locations in 28 cities in Serbia. The research examined the knowledge about the event but also opinions on museums and the habit of visiting museums in general, which enabled comparative analyses with results from earlier researches on museum visitors and events. The main results were published as part of regular publishing activities of the Center, and more complex scientific analyses were published in special scientific papers.

The research conducted in 2017 also included a representative sample (a total of 2400 visitors of the event in 24 cities in Serbia), so it was possible to do a comparative analysis of research results from 2016 and 2017. Since the results showed that there was no significant difference based on defined indicators, the research team and the event organizer agreed to wait a longer period before organizing another event, to make some conceptual and organizational changes in the event implementation, and therefore the next research will estimate the effects of these new measures.


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