New Permanent Exhibitions of Museums in Serbia

The general goal of the project was to establish whether and to what extent are new permanent exhibitions in museums in line with contemporary museum standards, which imply a more active and open relationship with visitors and the community as a whole.

Special goals were examining the criteria of curators, authors, and producers of new permanent exhibitions, as well as the relationship of visitors towards new permanent exhibitions in museums.

The research came to the following findings:

  • Museum curators and visitors have similar thoughts on plans for the improvement of permanent museum exhibitions.
  • Curators are aware of their roles and the necessity of personal engagement in the development of the institution, as well as the need to adjust permanent exhibitions to contemporary trends, for museums to have a more active role in society.
  • Curators are motivated to present the collections to visitors in a more contemporary way, by using interactive thematic exhibitions, educational programs, and contemporary technologies,
  • The educational aspect of visiting a museum exhibition is a dominant one because more than two-thirds of the visitors regarded visitations to a museum as useful for getting to know the history and culture of our country.
  • Between 25% and 50% of visitors believe that a lot should be done to improve the visual identity of our (national) museums.


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