Our mission and vision


The mission of the Center is to through planning and conducting scientific, developmental and applied research in the fields of socio-humanist sciences and projects of international cooperation, come up with suggestions and advice for achieving cultural development, defining a model of cultural policy, as well as for interdepartmental communication between public policies in the areas of culture, education, tourism, social policies, and other relevant public policies.

We accomplish our mission by:

  • conceiving and conducting scientific, developmental, applied, and action research,
  • creating and unifying electronic databases, and gathering and safeguarding the corresponding literature,
  • participating in the creation of planning documents for cultural policies,
  • publishing printed publications, digital content, and software applications,
  • initiating and organizing conferences, seminars, round tables, workshops, panels, exhibitions, and
  • nurturing and developing international cooperation.



The Center for Study in Cultural Development as a unique research, informational, documentational, and communicational center, is an institution that constantly works on the enhancement of culture and the framework within which it develops, relying on social and humanist principles.


Rige od Fere 4, Belgrade
+381 11 2637 565
+381 11 2638 941

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