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Marko Krstić

Marko Krstić

Director of the Institute for Cultural Development Research, a National Cultural Institution

Phone: +381 11 2637 565

mobile phone:

061 638 59 54



Biography of Marko Krstić

The appointment of a director is governed by Article 34 of the Law on Culture “Službeni Glasnik RS” n. 72/09; 13/16; 30/16 – revision.

The director’s duties are governed by Article 38 of the Law on Culture and Article 31 of the Center’s statute.

The General Services Department

Danijela Obradović
Secretary of the Central Cultural Institution
E-mail: danijela@zaprokul.org.rs

Marina Živanović
Business Secretary
E-mail: marina@zaprokul.org.rs

Milan Tomčić
Business Finance and Accounting Administrator
E-mail: milan.tomcic@zaprokul.org.rs

Nadežda Jovanović
Finance and Accounting Officer
E-mail: nada@zaprokul.org.rs

Jelena Đorđević
Marketing and Public Relations Officer
E-mail: jelena.djordjevic@zaprokul.org.rs

Zora Ramić
Cleaning Lady

Slaviša Ranitović
Driver of Category B Vehicles

The Research Department

dr Slobodan Mrđa
Cultural Development Research Coordinator
E-mail: boban@zaprokul.org.rs

dr Maša Vukanović
Cultural Development Researcher
E-mail: masha@zaprokul.org.rs

dr Biljana Jokić
Cultural Development Researcher
E-mail: biljana.jokic@zaprokul.org.rs

mr Dragana Martinović
Cultural Development Researcher
E-mail: dragana@zaprokul.org.rs

mr Maja Todorović
Cultural Development Researcher
E-mail: maja.todorovic@zaprokul.org.rs

Dejan Zagorac
Cultural Development Researcher
E-mail: dejan.zagorac@zaprokul.org.rs

Marijana Milankov
Cultural Development Researcher
E-mail: marijana.milankov@zaprokul.org.rs

Bojana Subašić
Cultural Development Researcher
E-mail: bojana.subasic@zaprokul.org.rs

Bogdana Opačić
Cultural Development Researcher
E-mail: bogdana@zaprokul.org.rs

Maja Marinković
Cultural Development Research Organizer
E-mail: majam@zaprokul.org.rs

dr Vladimir Kolarić
Cultural Development Research Organizer
E-mail: vladimir.kolaric@zaprokul.org.rs

The Documenting and Information Processing Department

Marijana Uzunovski
Documentalist Coordinator
E-mail: marijana@zaprokul.org.rs

Jelena Vujanović
E-mail: jelena.vujanovic@zaprokul.org.rs

Siniša Stefanović
E-mail: sinisa.stefanovic@zaprokul.org.rs

Tamara Perić
E-mail: tamara.peric@zaprokul.org.rs

Milica Jovanović
E-mail: milica@zaprokul.org.rs

Peđa Pivljanin
Editor of the Artistic and Research Documentation and Publishing Activities
E-mail: pedja@zaprokul.org.rs


Rige od Fere 4, Belgrade
+381 11 2637 565
+381 11 2638 941

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