Research Activities

The Center as primarily a research institute conducts different quantitative and qualitative researches, relying on the methods of social sciences and the humanities, which deal with issues of contemporary creation and cultural heritage, among other things.

Considering that cultural development relies on people who directly or indirectly participate in cultural life, the researchers paid special attention to issues of cultural participation, that is the cultural interests and habits of the general population and special groups, as well as different audiences.

The research subjects include the fundaments for achieving public policies (the legislative base for implementing public policies of great significance for culture; accomplishing the goals of cultural institutions and organizations, the issue of financing and achieving cooperation in the cultural sphere, inter-departmental cooperation, and the similar), as well as analytical and critical approaches to different elements of cultural life. The implementation of research projects greatly relies on cooperation with relevant local and foreign partners.

Besides knowledge systematization, the research aims to support sustainable development in all areas of culture. Therefore, the results of the Center’s research are used for planning the future activities of actors in the cultural sphere, but also of those in tourism, education, and social politics. Additionally, researches represent a cornerstone for strategic planning of cultural development at the national and local level.



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