Series "Prisustva" and the "Novica Tadić" Prize

Continuing the tradition of supporting young and unknown artists, which started in the 1990s with the promotion of young painters in the Center’s Gallery, in 2018 the Center created the Call for young poets “Novica Tadić” at the initiative of the Ministry of Culture and Information. Besides plaques awarded to young authors at ceremonies in the Ministry of Culture and Information, the concrete results are books, i.e. collections of poems published by the Center in its series “Prisustva”.

“Prisustva” Series

Thus far, three parts of this series have been published with a total of seven books: Arijel Anonim by Jana Aleksić, Eshaton by Ekrem Hamid, Pozamanterija by Slađana Šimrak, Pesma galiota by Branislav Živanović, Sabrani strahovi by Jelena Blanuša, Municipium S by Spasoje Joksimović, Kucanje na vrata by Vladana Perlić, as well as Novica Tadić samim sobom edited by Dragan Hamović.

The book Novica Tadić in his own words (Novica Tadić samim sobom), 2020


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