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One of the most significant tasks of the Center is to gather data on cultural activities in our country by using available technology. Over 40 years ago, the Center launched the project The Atlas of Culture in Serbia – Visual Encyclopedia of Culture. At the start of the new millennium, thanks to new technological developments, a new project The Geocultural Map of Serbia was launched – an electronic database of cultural institutions. The goal of the project was to observe the state of cultural institutions and identify key points for establishing a sustainable system for the exchange of information in culture. The pioneer project Geocultural Map of Serbia, in line with technological development, evolved into the information system it is today – e-Kultura, which encourages an active exchange of information and data.

  • With a database that is regularly updated, the information system e-Kultura is available at
  • Since 2013, the project has been carried out together with the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia and presents a source of official culture statistics of the Republic of Serbia. Every year, the two institutions jointly publish the magazine Kultura, which contains analyzed data from regular annual studies of museums, theaters, cinemas, exhibition galleries, publishing, and the media in the Republic of Serbia.
  • The general public has daily access to information about more than 2000 cultural institutions and organizations of Serbia—museums, archives, institutes for the protection of monuments of culture, theaters, galleries and exhibition spaces, cinemas, libraries, culture centers, polyvalent cultural centers, as well as cultural and artistic societies and other associations in culture.
  • The development of the system entails a periodical check of the basic information, as well as their structuring following international standards, which enables us to adjust the form of collecting information about the needs of the society and country.

The information system e-Kultura gathers information for other national projects as well, like The Browser of Cultural Heritage (Pretraživač kulturnog nasleđa), the Timeline of the Culture of Republic of Serbia and Serbs Outside Serbia (Vremenska linija kulture Republike Srbije i Srba van matice), and the interactive map of cultural institutions available on the website of Geosrbija (the national base of geospatial data).

The Government and the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia use the data system e-Kultura as their main source when implementing other projects. This being so, the Center offers expert support for the implementation of the Action Plan of the Government of Serbia and conducts researches for the enhancement of inter-departmental cooperation between culture and education.

In 2017, the Center became a member of the European organization EGMUS, a network of institutions keeping museum statistics at the national level, with which it aligns its basic records and data structure.


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