The Role of Regional Development Agencies in Cultural Development in Serbia

The study The Role of Regional Development Agencies in Cultural Development in Serbia is an attempt to analyze the connection between two areas of public practical policies – regional development policies and cultural policies. To accomplish this goal, we observed the activities of regional development agencies, as one of the institutional operators of regional development in Serbia, and their relationship with public cultural institutions and decision-makers at the local level. More specifically, the research was focused on the role of regional development agencies in using national and international funds for culture, as well as the agencies’ potential to support the transition of the public sector in culture. The research was based on the trending topic of regional development as one of the challenges for the accession of Serbia to the European Union, as well as the new paradigm of development based on local, endogenous resources and the significance of cultural, natural, and social pre-dispositions of local communities. At the same time, the research was carried out in line with contemporary democratic cultural policies.

The results showed that regional development agencies offer management training–occasionally attended by representatives of cultural institutions–and that they, directly and indirectly, participate in the preparation and implementation of projects in culture in both the narrow and broad sense of the term. Based on this, it was concluded that regional development agencies have the potential to apply strategies of contemporary cultural policies, including the education of actors in culture, which is seen as one of the key conditions for the necessary transformation of the cultural system following democratic principles. More active and planned-out use of one’s resources and services would contribute to cultural policy, giving them an adequate role in cultural development. Based on the research results, suggestions were made to regional development agencies, the Ministry of Culture and Information, local self-governments, and cultural institutions.

The research results were published in the publication Regional Development Agencies and Cultural Development in Serbia and are available on the Center’s website.


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