"The Tastes of Stara Planina mountain" and "The Tastes of Zlatibor"

After the book “The Tastes of Đerdap” won the “Turistički Cvet” award in 2012 for best tourism publication, the Center published another two books by the researcher Dejan Zagorac dedicated to the cultural and gastronomic heritage of the mountains Stara Planina and Zlatibor.

The monographs The Tastes of Stara Planina Mountain, 2017, and the Tastes of Zlatibor, 2019

The region of Stara Planina (municipalities Pirot, Dimitrovgrad, Knjaževac, and Zaječar) is one of the most beautiful and preserved natural landscape of Serbia. The villages of Stara Planina have an old population, which is why the old recipes and the knowledge of this region’s population are in danger of falling into oblivion. Similarly, the Zlatibor Mountain is not just an attractive tourist destination, but also a region rich with natural and cultural heritage. Both publications are dual language, in Serbian and English, with many photographs.

The books encouraged the exhibition “Landscapes, old crafts, and skills – the hidden legacy of Serbia”, which was held in the Center’s gallery.

The catalog from the photo exhibition “Landscapes, Old Crafts and Skills – the Hidden Legacy of Serbia”, 2019


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