The Participation of the Center in International Organizations and Projects

The Center’s activities in terms of strategic planning and examining governance in culture led to the Center becoming a member of the European expert network for management in culture – ENCATC (European network on cultural management and policy) in 2018. Its participation in ENCATC’s 26. congress in Bucharest resulted in the Memorandum on the cooperation of the National Institute for Cultural Research and Training in Bucharest and the Center for Study in Cultural Development, which emphasizes the possibility of developing joint research projects—based on activities thus far—as well as responding to calls of international funds.

The Center’s delegation, Vuk Vukićević, and Bogdana Opačić, with representatives of the Romanian National Institute for Cultural Research and Training, September 2018, in Bucharest

As a result of the continual monitoring of activities of the museums in Serbia, primarily through the e-Kultura system, the Center became a member of the European Group on Museum Statistics (EGMUS) in 2017, which gathers institutions in charge of nation-level museum statistics. The Center provided the first official statistical report on museums in Serbia shortly after becoming a member of EGMUS in 2017, while in 2018 the representatives of the Center participated at the plenary session of EGMUS in Zagreb, where they presented the official procedure for gathering data and the most recent data. The data from Serbia, along with data from other 29 member-states, are placed on the website of this network.

Representatives of the Center, Vuk Vukićević and Biljana Jokić, after an invitation from EGMUS, attended the regular annual meeting of this European group that gathers institutions in charge of official nation-level museum statistics, October 2019 in Bucharest

In addition to this, in recent years we have developed cooperation with networks like Danube Networkers for Europe (DANET). The Center’s director Vuk Vukićević is a member of the Board of the DANET network. This cooperation led to the participation of the Center in projects like CODANEC (Discovering Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Danube Region) and Discovering European Neighbors in the Third Age – DENTA, which was, like the projects “Living Cultural Heritage: East and West” and “The Danube Archaeological e-Landscapes”, supported as part of the program of the European Union.


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